Short Unique Bob Haircut 2011

    For many women going with short hair is a very tough decision because hair takes so long to grow and making such a commitment will last a couple of years. However, more women are becoming open to shorter hairstyles because a lot of celebrities are wearing very complimentary looks and extensions are becoming more and more popular. Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Jennifer Hudson, and Victoria Beckam have all donned some great short hairstyles and are part of the short hair trend. Extensions are being used more to create longer hairstyles for women with short hair and celebrities like Jessica Simpson are also pushing this trend. Now on to the short bobs which can be styled and cut in many ways to match face shapes and bring out other features. The three short bobs below are just a few in a wide selection of hot new short cuts.

    Simple short bob hairstyle

    This short bob is a classic look that many women will find very complimentary as it frames the face very well. The hair is cut and styled so the hair falls right about chin level with curled tips that follow the jaw line. The hairstyle belongs to the beautiful Katharine McPhee. This is what most bobs will be structured like but parting can be changed. Here the hair is parted off center and a round brush is used to angle the front over the forehead. Styling just requires a round brush blow dryer. The curled ends can be created with the round brush. This is a good starting bob for first timers.

    Short bob and fringe

    Ellen Barkin has updated her short bob and has looked great in it at red carpet events world wide. She looks hot and stylish in this short bob with a swept fringe. A fringe can add a different look to most bob hairstyles and this one is no exception. The fringe really adds a touch to this hairstyle and adds to facial framing by softening other areas. This short bob features hair about chin level with sloping edges. Mousse can be applied to towel dried hair before using a round brush and blow dryer to create this fringe and comb the rest of the hair. Ellen Barkin definitely shows how to keep looking trendy with this short bob.

    Volume and flipped edges

    Katie Holmes has been seen with her longer hair much, much more than short hair. Her change from long hair to short hair was magnificent as the hairstyle did not take away from her girl next door charm but seemed to add to it. The change should show women that changing to a short hairstyle is not the end of the world as long as the right look is selected and she definitely chose a versatile cut. Here the bob has been changed up for a different look that features volume at the crown, the front swept slightly over the face, and the ends flipped out instead of pointing to towards the face. This hairstyle totally changes up from a basic bob to a very cute cut. Styling is pretty much the same but there is a need for volume, maybe some smoothing, and flipping the ends with a brush or flat iron. The short hairstyle definitely is a cut and clip.

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Short Unique Bob Haircut 2011

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